What Is Seedify.fund (SFUND)?

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Seedify.fund(SFUND) Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad that empowers innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain. Its ecosystem also includes an NFT launchpad for gaming and metaverse assets, along with the industry’s first gaming-and-metaverse-asset-centric NFT marketplace, Seedify NFT Space.

Featuring an IGO launchpad with a tiered allocation mechanism, Seedify enables $SFUND holders to stake their tokens and earn staking rewards while gaining access to quality, procured blockchain gaming projects through private sales and initial game offerings. The launchpad’s tier system consists of nine tiers. Tier 1 uses a lottery-based allocation process, while tier 2 to 9 participants enjoy guaranteed allocation.

Along with IGOs, stakers can also participate in initial NFT offerings (INOs) and initial metaverse offerings (IMOs) on Seedify’s NFT Launchpad. Additionally, staking $SFUND, gives holders the opportunity to receive tokens from the projects that have been selected and supported by Seedify’s incubation program.

Committed to bringing the opportunities offered through blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn model to billions around the globe, the Seedify team has established key relationships with numerous VCs and industry peers, to build an extensive support network for blockchain gaming and metaverse startups.

Interested game industry innovators submit their project proposal to the Seedify

Seedify acts as a launching pad for blockchain games and the disruptive play-to-earn gaming model. The gaming industry is gradually entering a new era — previously gamers may spend large sums of money on in-game items with no direct monetary benefits. However, they are now able to make money by earning in-game item non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and tokens, which is facilitated by the play-to-earn revolution.

Blockchain technology has not only opened up more opportunities for gamers and game developers, but it has also offered additional forms of benefits like transparency, ownership, incentive models and digital ownership through NFTs.

The team behind the Seedify project are pursuing a global goal: to acquaint gamers with the blockchain and increase the rate of technology adoption, attract a huge number of users, create more jobs and financial benefits.

Who Are the Founders of Seedify.fund?

The founder and CEO of Seedify, Levent Cem Aydan, has over ten years of entrepreneurial experience and initially started showing interest in the blockchain ecosystem in 2012. In 2018, having become disillusioned with the approach of private equity toward fledgling cryptocurrency start-ups and having encountered the various issues present in traditional venture capital, he decided to focus on decentralized solutions and fair fundraising for entrepreneurs. Thus Seedify was born.

After recognizing the power and potential of the emerging concept of integrating blockchain in gaming, Mr. Aydan pivoted the platform. On August 1st, 2021, Seedify became the blockchain ecosystem’s first gaming-focused incubator and launchpad.

In 2021, Seedify.fund was born to enable SFUND token holders to vote on which projects are funded. Seedify allows token holders to vote proportionally to their holdings on project proposals, as well as participate in governance of key decisions that Seedify faces.

What Makes Seedify.fund Unique?

The Seedify platform provides and supervises Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), supports pioneering blockchain games, ensures project funding, helps to build a community of gamers, and creates a marketing strategy. Thus, the Seedify community has the opportunity to receive tokens for nascent games before they are listed on exchanges.

Seedify strives not only to support innovators but also to lead innovation in the blockchain gaming and metaverse space. Extensive knowledge of blockchain and gaming allows Seedify to select and present only the best projects to its holders and community. Along with a proven record, highlighted by 50 successful, sold-out IGOs, the Seedify platform features a collective group of like-minded partners, creating a support and solutions environment for new projects, from development through all stages of growth. Seedify’s token holders gain access to exclusive opportunities from incubated projects through staking rewards, as well as exclusive IGOs.

  • Marketing: Projects and partners can take advantage of various marketing services provided by Seedify, including influencer marketing, content marketing, paid promotions, and exposure on Seedify’s Social Media channels.
  • Community: Strong communities provide growth benefits and valuable support to new projects. Seedify’s community is organically grown and engaged with projects on social media channels and through IGOs, providing constructive feedback, support and ensuring successful launches.
  • Partners: Seedify’s partner network includes, Polygon, Metis, Altura NFT, Yield Guild Games, Unique Network, Ferrum Network, Travala, Phala Network, Spintop Network (do we have a full list somewhere?)

The funding pool shares staking rewards and makes all resources transparent to the community, while security is ensured via the blockchain.

The Seedify launchpad is an opportunity for blockchain gaming startups to promote their product. The benefits for SFUND investors include early access to promising P2E projects. Startups give Seedify 3% of its total token supply to cover costs, plus transfer some part to the SFUND holders in the form of a reward. In this way, token holders both support the startup and receive a return on investment.

How Many Seedify.fund (SFUND) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Seedify.fund (SFUND) runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and SFUND, its native BEP-20 token, has a maximum total supply of 100,000,000 coins.

The allocation of $SFUND is as follows: 9% to liquidity mining programs; 10% to first year marketing & development fund; 16% to seedify.fund team & founder reserve; 50% to funding pool reserve. 7% to community rewards as part of the initial circulating supply; 6% to the initial fund pool; 2% to the initial operations pool.

How Is the Seedify.fund Network Secured?

The developers of Seedify.fund informed all users of the platform about the transparency code, which is applicable to wallets where the funds are secured, among them: fund pool wallet, staking distribution wallet, community involvement rewards distribution wallet and the Seedify.fund operations wallet. Moreover, the transparency code and dashboard sections related to transparency are always at the center of all Seedify.fund operations and transactions.

With the help of smart contracts, all token distributions are done automatically and are permissionless; the dashboard shows inbound and outbound flows of transactions. All required information about each gaming project is displayed transparently in the user interface.

On top of that, Seedify.fund has been successfully audited by CertiK and Hacken.

Where Can You Buy Seedify.fund (SFUND)?

When it comes to buying Seedify.fund, as of September 2021, the most popular exchanges are KuCoin, PancakeSwap (V2), PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, ApeSwap and BKEX. It is listed with two trading pairs: SFUND/USDT and SFUND/WBNB.

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