Hyip Investment Strategies

Hyip Investment Strategies

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While the nature of this business may seem simple, there are some points that ignoring it will make you fail. It is very important to decide what strategy to pursue this business. In this post we will share what we have learned and experienced so that you can experience the success of this business.

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How to deposit money in HYIP?

How to deposit money in HYIP? There are many electronic payment systems in the Internet. Some of them are anonymous, and some require full or partial identification. It is also possible contributions through a bank or via plastic card, if the administration of HYIP will provide that. The most popular payment system for investing in … Read more How to deposit money in HYIP?

What means “Status” of HYIP?

What means “Status” of HYIP? Active : we have received all payments in time, according to conditions, and there is no complaints from investors. WAITING : HYIP added to listing but first payment not received yet. Or is there a slight delay in payment longer than the deadline. Or received a complaint from an investor, but information … Read more What means “Status” of HYIP?