Hot and Significant events from 15 Mar 2021 to 21 Mar 2021

Litecoin (LTC)
15 Mar 2021
MimbleWimble Code Review

Litecoin (LTC) MimbleWimble (MW) initial code will be complete and ready for review March 15th.

15 Mar 2021
Symbol Mainet Launch

“#Symbol mainnet launch is on 15 March.”

BitcoinPoS (BPS)
15 Mar 2021 (or earlier)
BitcoinPos Core v0.21

“This version contains the ColdStaking feature, requiring a hard fork scheduled to happen at block 260000, estimated to be on March 15th…”

SparkPoint (SRK)
15 Mar 2021
Exchange Listing

SRK New Centralized Exchange Listing.

VeChain (VET)
16 Mar 2021
Live Video AMA w/Sunny Lu

Live Video AMA with Sunny Lu, Co-founder and CEO of VeChain, on the YouTube channel on March 16th at 8 AM EST.

Hyve (HYVE)
17 Mar 2021
PancakeSwap Listing

“We’ll be providing liquidity on PancakeSwap soon. The event will take place Wednesday, on the 17th of March in the afternoon on PST time.”

17 Mar 2021
BitMEX Perp Swap Listing

“Introducing the TRXUSDT perpetual swap contract – listing on the BitMEX platform on 17 March at 04:00 UTC too.”

Stellar (XLM)
17 Mar 2021
Test Network Reset

“Reminder: the #Stellar test network reset is scheduled for 03/17/21 at 0900 UTC. That’s a week from today.”

Polkadot (DOT)
18 Mar 2021
Polka DeFiance

“Polka DeFiance is an online conference that sorts signal from noise in the rapidly developing DeFi universe.”

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