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. JAN,18,2021 . 

  • Nord Finance joins @OrionProtocol Network as Orion Enterprise Partner!With a collective mission to ensure the sustainability of decentralized finance, Orion Protocol and Nord Finance will work together across a number of initiatives to drive accessibility, liquidity, and interoperability across DeFi.

  • Glitch (GLCH) has launched LP Rewards Program on UniswapThis liquidity program will distribute 888,888 GLCH (1% of the total supply) over the 90 days to ETH-GLCH liquidity providers on Uniswap. The program has started on January 17th, 5:00 AM UTC, when GLCH has been officially launched on Uniswap.

  • Utopia Genesis is bringing music to PolkadotUtopia Genesis Foundation looks to scale with demand, which is why Utopia Genesis is moving to a Polkadot parathread this year.

    This move takes Utopia one step closer to achieving its goal of providing a blockchain-based solution tailored to the music industry that will enable artists, producers, record labels and all stakeholders to operate by providing specific data intended to unlock a wider music ecosystem on the Utopia Open Platform.

  • USDF1 has been launched!Staking FRONT and minting USDF1 on the OIN Finance platform has started on the January 18th, 2:00 AM UTC. Rewards has been initially set to approximately 100,000 FRONT per month.

  • Router Protocol has introduced Space Farm ProgramThe idea of the program is to allow the community to earn ROUTE tokens irrespective of which blockchains they use. So far three blockchains have integrated with the ROUTE ecosystem.

    The Space Farm is primarily divided into 2 chains which have multiple liquidity pools each:
    ▪️Space Farm 1 has been running for a day and just approached 1M TVL on Uniswap and Matic;
    ▪️Space Farm 2 starts shortly and will be across 1inch and Sushi Sushiswap liquidity pairs.
    Daily rewards on each space farm for each day are 4649.2 ROUTE tokens.

  • Oraichain completed the launch of the Liquidity Mining Program on yAI.Finance- Provide liquidity for the ORAI-ETH pair on Uniswap directly on
    – Get up to 70% APY rewards in the form of ORAI tokens
    – Flexible with NO lock-up period


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