Altcoin News

. Mar,16,2021 .

  • BitMax has announced exclusive Primary Listing of Dafi Protocol (DAFI)Dafi Protocol (DAFI) trading under the pair of DAFI/USDT to be opened on March 17th, 1:00 PM UTC! Deposits and withdrawals to be opened on March 17th, 1:00 AM

  • Wing Finance Sponsors New Chainlink Price Feeds for Ontology-Based Assets!Wing Finance, a credit-based, cross-chain DeFi lending platform powered by Ontology, will be sponsoring the launch of two new Ethereum-based Chainlink Price Feeds, WING/USD and ONT/USD!The Chainlink-powered oracle networks will maintain on-chain reference contracts that supply the most up-to-date USD price of Wing’s cross-chain assets, starting with WING and ONT. DeFi projects can leverage these price feeds to create new products and markets based around Ontology

  • ​​OpenOcean is joining DAO VaultOpenOcean is a full aggregation protocol that aggregates liquidity from various DEXes and CEXes and provides traders with a one-stop transaction experience with the best

  • Apron Network and Crust Network announced a strategic cooperation!Through this partnership, Apron Network will integrate with Crust’s distributed storage protocol, allowing developers to use Crust’s decentralized storage Network directly on the Apron Network platform.With the in-depth collaboration between Apron Network and Crust Network and the improvement of Crust Network’s decentralized storage marketing capabilities, Apron Network will be able to provide more users and developers with faster, cheaper, and more privacy-based decentralized storage


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