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. Mar,12,2021 .

  • ​​The NULS SCO Platform has doubled the amount of active SCO projects!SCO allows NULS stakers to earn other project tokens with their NULS from as little as 50 NULS. Moreover, users can withdraw their NULS at any time!

  • ​​Utrust is now live on HostBill!HostBill is a popular billing and automation software for the web hosting industry with thousands of clients (Hosting, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, Domain name and SSL Resellers) all over the world. HostBill has over 10,000 enterprises using it that now can accept crypto payments through Utrust!

Shyft Network to perform SHFT IDO on Polkastarter on March 24th

  • ​​NFT Alley (ALLEY) OverviewNFT Alley focuses on regularizing NFT marketplaces to encourage new entrants to drive adoption. NFT Alley is thriving towards filling the vacuum between creators and collectors by ensuring multi-chain trades, information symmetry and hefty rewards for investmentsNFT Alley USP’S:
    ▪️Multi-Chain NFT Trades – Revolutionizing the exchange game of NFTs by supporting cross-chain transactions
    ▪️Gasless transactions – Execute multi-chain NFT trades with extremely low transaction costs.
    ▪️Realistic price discovery mechanism – Employs innovative price discovery models that eases determining the realistic value of your NFT’s
    ▪️Scalability – Execute smoother NFT trades through scalable attributes of BSC on NFT Alley, resulting in high latency trades
    ▪️Alley Rewards – Earn passive income by engaging in diverse reward-based programs on NFT Alley

    Exciting times are certainly ahead since the NFT game levels up. With the ongoing massive DeFi rally, the NFTs are definite to reinforce themselves as a game-changer due to the rising demand for digital collectibles. NFT Alley aims to harmonize the NFT ecosystem to conduce adoption.

    According to the roadmap, the TGE & listing are scheduled on Q1 2021. We are looking for more updates from the project and recommend to subscribe to NFT Alley social channels not to miss important news.

    TG: @nftalley

  • ​​Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures incubating a new NFT projectAfter 2 last successful incubations (Polkamarkets and Exeedme), the two funds officially join forces to bring a new NFT project to market together. More info to be unveiled next

  • Oraichain & Ocean Join Forces to Expand their AI Ecosystems!▪️Ocean Protocol will provide Compute-to-Data technology and become part of Oraichain’s AI Request Hub.
    ▪️Ocean will enable its ecosystem partners to leverage Oraichain’s AI Request Hub.
    ▪️Oraichain will publish and monetize data generated from Oraichain’s services such as AI APIs and AI-generated data via the Ocean

  • @IOIgame has just launched Trade Race Manager, the new NFT game!Trade Race Manager is a player vs player game that brings unlimited rewards and play2earn mechanics. The core gameplay revolves around collecting, using, and trading NFTs.Get your IOI token and enter the world of NFTs. Collect your car edition and unlock rare one to double your daily staking rewards.

  • ​​Symbol (XYM) to be listed on KuCoin!The trading pairs will be listed on KuCoin after the launch of mainnet (TBC). The deposit service will be enabled after the launch of mainnet. Withdrawals to start on March 19th, 11:00 AM

  • ​​ has listed Akash Network (AKT)Akash Network (AKT) trading under AKT/USDT and AKT/ETH pairs has started on March 12th, 6:00 AM

  • ​​UniLend has released an educational article on UniLend Flash-Loans▪️70% of the fees collected from our flash loans will be distributed as staking rewards
    ▪️UniLend’s Automated Staking Rewards pool will maintain a more uniform reward distribution across multiple blockchains
    ▪️UniLend’s flash loans will support all tokens, unlike various other popular products that only support 20 to 30 assets.
    ▪️Flash loans will support new innovative token technologies such as elastic tokens and synthetic assets
    ▪️The “Airdrop” feature will allow anyone to instantly airdrop tokens to all pool

  • More cross-chain integrations could be on their way for @ReefDeFi thanks to a $20M investment from Alameda Research. Is this the beginning of a DeFi boom on @Polkadot and other chains?

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