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. Mar,11,2021 .

  • ​​Bluzelle is launching their very own “ Bluzelle NFT Collection”!This NFT collection consists of unique and rare NFTs that are designed by renowned art directors for imparting substantial value to Bluzelle community!This collection will have 4 unique NFTS. Each week a new design will be released with a limited set of 10. In aggregate, 40 NFTs will be released. The participants who are able to get all four designs in the collection will be eligible for rewards in the native Bluzelle tokens worth $1000. As a bonus, those that get all four designs will get a fifth special NFT.

  • VAIOT will use Chainlink Oracles to accelerate the development of its Intelligent Contracts!Payback Program will leverage Chainlink’s widely used Price Feed oracles for fiat-to-crypto exchange rates, ensuring users receive fair market subsidies when they purchase AI assistant services. Additionally, the Intelligent Contracts will reference Chainlink Price Feeds to enable users to pay in various crypto and fiat currencies when accessing VAIOT services like fully-automated insurance contracts that leverage blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI)

  • DAFI Protocol Merit Holder Round on DAO Maker platform starts todayThe link will be active only once sign in is open on March 11th, 12:00 PM UTC. On March 16th, 12:00 PM UTC sign-ins will be closed, and DAO Maker will announce winners 2 hours later. Personal allocation in this round is 500 USDC and there are in total 270 allocation spots in this

  • has listed Ethernity Chain (ERN)Ethernity Chain (ERN) trading under ERN/USDT and ERN/ETH pairs has started on March 11th, 6:00 AM


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