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. Mar,10,2021 .

  • The upcoming Convergence public sale will be held via an IDO on Polkastarter!Convergence is founded based on the belief that the relationship between traditional finance and DeFi is getting closer in the digital assets space, converging towards a demand for real asset exposure in DeFi.The details on the whitelisting process, the number of whitelisted addresses, maximum allocation, and minimum allocation to be announced shortly!

  • OIN and MantraDAO ventures together to enhance inter-platform operations!This partnership will bring several new opportunities for both platforms increasing the scope of inter-platform operations.OIN will also explore other forms of cooperation with MANTRA DAO, for instance integrating OIN’s lending product with that of MANTRA DAO. OIN will also explore MANTRA DAO’S front-end to integrate better into their ecosystem for a more ergonomic UX.

  • ​​Chromia paves the way towards Mass Adoption of NFTs & Blockchain Gaming with My Neighbor Alice!The Chromia blockchain will be the cornerstone of the game’s backend functionality, and MNA will pay CHR to the network nodes. This will allow its players to join the game without needing to own any cryptocurrencies.Chromia’s Relational Blockchain architecture will allow MNA to run without a centralized server – game world information, procedural logic and player’s progress will all be stored seamlessly on a Chromia sidechain

  • ​​LaunchPool has introduced its first PuP – PredictXPredictX is a fully decentralised protocol level project which brings the prediction markets to the decentralised finance space. PredictX prioritizes (1) the user experience (2) maximizing liquidity. The end goal is to create a user-friendly prediction markets platform powered by a truly decentralized protocol that is easily integrated with other DeFi platforms and other blockchains such as

  • ARPA has participated in the Development of China’s New National Standard for Privacy-Preserving Computation SeriesARPA team have been working with established organizations like the Alibaba Group & Baidu Inc for the creation of Multi-Party Computation national standard in China. This is the 4th standard proposed by the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and the 3rd ARPA’s been participating in

  • ​​In celebration of Zenfuse’s MVP launch Zenfuse has decided to host its 2nd Airdrop Event!Anyone who purchases the minimum amount required from March 10th 10:20 UTC — March 20th 10:20 UTC will be placed on the eligibility list to claim their airdrop tokens once our claim portal is live!The Team has allocated 1,000,000 ZEFU tokens that will be used for this event, and anyone who purchases a minimum of 10,000 ZEFU from the period listed above will receive an airdrop upon full platform launch.

  • has unveiled a new Listing Vote for BambooDeFi (Bamboo)BambooDeFi (Bamboo) Bonanza week to start on March 10th, 12:00 PM UTC and last until March 17th, 12:00 PM UTC. The $45,000 BAMBOO giveaway will be distributed in 4

  • Covalent partners with Elrond to bring Data Accessibility to its Budding Digital EconomyThis partnership will not only enable in-depth analysis of Elrond, but developers will experience drastically lower data acquisition times resulting in faster go-to-market for products leveraging Elrond’s

  • ​​BiFi Lending now supports Binance Smart ChainUsers can deposit and borrow BNB, ETH, USDT, DAI, and USDC on BSC BiFi Lending. Connecting to BSC is just the first step towards multichain technology. Soon, BiFi will support seamless lending, borrowing, reward claiming across more chains including DOT, KLAY, and Bitcoin, creating a truly multichain


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