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. Mar,4,2021 .

  • SushiSwap is live on Polygon!With SushiSwap moving to Polygon, Polygon takes the first step toward major DeFi protocols on Layer 2. This will allow people to provide liquidity and swap tokens with negligible fees and high speeds on SushiSwap!

  • Aluna Social (ALN) Merit Holder Round on DAO Maker platform starts todayThe link will be active only once sign in is open on March 4th, 4:00 PM UTC. On March 7th, 12:00 PM UTC sign-ins will be closed, and DAO Maker will announce winners 3 hours later. Personal allocation in this round is 500 USD and there are in total 370 allocation spots in this SHO.

  • Yield Protocol has unveiled its notable investorsYield Protocol has completed its seed and private rounds in mid-2020. Since then, the project has spent 9 months on the development of a protocol and presented the first product – YieldShield. YieldShield is the most advanced solution for maximizing DeFi yields.

  • DeXe Network has announced  The Great Unboxing for the next 30 days!Over the next 30 days, DeXe Network will reveal so many boxes of presents for the community. These will include news about Dexe’s main social trading and asset management platform, the unwrapping of the most innovative features and capabilities that you’ll know about before anyone else in DeFi, blockbuster partnerships and integrations, contests and competitions, drops and tips, and much, much more!

  • ​​OIN partners Polygon!By integrating Polygon’s MATIC tokens to the OIN network, it’ll enable Polygon to issue their stablecoins allowing users to earn yield and staking bonus while providing the security and boosting liquidity leveraging of OIN’s asset pools. While OIN will enable Polygon to mint its own stablecoin, this is just the beginning where the possibilities are endless.

  • ​​ Listing Vote for Radix (EXRD) is now live!Radix (EXRD) trading under EXRD/USDT and EXRD/ETH pair will start on March 5th, 9:00 AM UTC. Moreover, Radix and Gate are running 4 events with $45,000 EXRD total rewards to giveaway:
    ▪️Vote for EXRD to enjoy a 273,972 EXRD airdrop ($40,000 USD)
    ▪️EXRD Telegram AMA, $500 EXRD Giveaway
    ▪️$20,547 EXRD airdrop ($3,000 USD) for top 600 deposit users
    ▪️$300 EXRD for Twitter Giveaway

  • ​​Polkamarkets Partners with Orion Protocol for Liquidity Provisioning!Orion Protocol is an exchange and liquidity aggregation platform that links all the most liquid DEXs and CEXs onto one unified trading platform. Overall, the Polkamarkets platform will have more liquidity than before, meaning that it can more efficiently and effectively facilitate trades.

    Orion Protocol will act as yet another catalyst that sees prediction market adoption grow at a rapid pace!

  • Startup has presented new Initial Offering: ETHA Lend (ETHA)ETHA Lend (ETHA) Public Sale starts on March 5th, 6:00 AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. Startup supply is 200,000 ETHA. Price is $1.00 per ETHA.

  • SushiSwap has been deployed on Fantom mainnet!People can now add liquidity and trade any ERC20 token supported on Fantom mainnet using SushiSwap. The liquidity pools for wFTM/USDC and wFTM/wETH have been seeded so that the community can interact with them right away.


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