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. Mar,2,2021 .

  • EasyFi Expands to Binance Smart Chain!

As the Binance exchange ecosystem partner, this protocol expansion and integration comes as a natural progression to EasyFi for deeper integrations with the parallel chain.

The integration opens new opportunities for EasyFi as a growing digital asset ecosystem to build innovative and intuitive lending products and services for the global DeFi space. EASY will now be available both as an ERC20 as well as BEP20 token on three chain ecosystems — Polygon, Ethereum & BSC!

  • partners with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team

The partnership brings together two dynamic brands and places Aston Martin Formula One Team at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation. Over the course of the multi-year deal, the brands will collaborate to bring exclusive experiences and opportunities to traders and fans of the sport.

  • ​​Oddz Finance (ODDZ) to conduct an IDO on Polkastarter on 18th of March!

The details on whitelisting process, the number of whitelisted addresses, maximum allocation, and minimum allocation to be announced shortly!

  • UniLend & Ramp DeFi Join Forces to Unlock Untapped Staking Capital!

UniLend will list Ramp DeFi’s rUSD stablecoin for decentralized trading, lending and borrowing to unlock DeFi functionality for untapped staked capital. Ramp DeFi will provide liquidity to bootstrap the rUSD pools

  • BCUG Vault closes its Private Fundraising Round

The round was led by AU21 Capital, GBV Capital, Moonrock Capital, Amplifi Capital, Altonomy, Morningstar Ventures, Master Ventures, Genblock Capital, Momentum 6, and Frontier. With the closing of this funding round BCUG shift its focus towards preparations for BCUG public sale and the upcoming token generation event.

  • ​​Shadows (DOWS) is now trading on Uniswap!

▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 DOWS = $0.125 USD
▪️Current Token Price: 1 DOWS = $2.38 USD
▪️Current ROI in USD: ~19.1x

  • Apyswap (APYS) is now trading on Uniswap!

▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 APYS = $0.1865 USD
▪️Current Token Price: 1 APYS = $1.38 USD
▪️Current ROI in USD: ~7.39x

  • ​​Playcent partners with MahaDAO to bring ARTH into the Playcent ecosystem

The collaboration will initially focus on making ARTH spendable inside of the Playcent platform, enabling users to pay for assets, subscriptions & in-app purchases.

  • ​​GET Protocol unveiled NFT ticketing and is minting 120.000 NFTs on BSC

NFT ticketing is an exciting new use case that adds benefits to organizers and ticket buyers. Visitors of events are able to have collectibles from their favorite artists.

  • ​​IOST partners with HashPalette to optimize NFTs for Global Users

Palette is a blockchain network optimized for the distribution of content using Non-Fungible Token and aims to enhance the global distribution of content from Japan via blockchain.

  • ​​Fuse Network to use Chainlink Proof of Reserve to mint and verify the collateralization of Fuse Network’s stable coin FuseDollar (fUSD)

In addition to powering FuseDollar, Chainlink will serve as the recommended oracle provider for developers building on the Fuse Network, as well as serve as the oracle solution for other FuseX assets launched in the future.

  • OIN partners with the first Decentralized Oracle Service — Umbrella Network!

This partnership will provide OIN with the opportunity to serve more productively and improve the Umbrella Network’s scalability.

OIN will be utilizing Umbrella’s scalable oracle infrastructure for the OINDAO service. This will help in fulfilling the requirement of custom priced oracles for each pool to function properly.

  • ​​TrueUSD is now live on Avalanche, bringing US Dollar Liquidity to its DeFi Ecosystem!

Users can now access TUSD on Avalanche directly through TrustToken’s TrueCurrencies App. AVAX-TUSD will also be added as a liquidity pool on decentralized exchange Pangolin, so users can also access it directly in Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem alongside other prominent DeFi assets like WBTC, LINK, UNI, AAVE, and YFI that have been ported over the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge.

  • ​​The Radix betanet will be launched on April 28th

The Radix betanet will provide a final, large-scale stress test of the protocol as the basis of the first version of the Radix public network scheduled to go live in Q2. It will contain:

▪️Beta Olympia desktop wallet, for storing, transacting, and staking tokens.
▪️Beta Olympia explorer website, which lets you view network conditions and see details about addresses and transactions.
▪️Beta Olympia full node/validator node software and CLI (command line interface), offered both as a docker image and a pre-built JAR.
▪️A faucet website which will distribute free tokens (betanet only).

  • ​​Tidal Finance has closed $1.8M fundraising round

The round was led by Hypersphere Ventures with participation from Spartan Capital, KR1, Kenetic Capital, and QCP Capital.


  • Ethernity Chain has partnered with Olive Allen

Olive Allen is a well known NFT artist and digital art early adopter. She will take an advisor position at Ethernity Chain and will be creating collectible works for the Ethernity Chain community.

  • ​​Taraxa (TARA) Public Sale details!

Pre-registration will start on March 5th, 2:00 AM UTC. Public sale to last from March 12th, 2 AM UTC to March 16th, 2 AM UTC.

  • Startup has presented new Initial Offering: Idavoll Network (IDV)

Idavoll Network (IDV) will launch on Gate on March 3rd, 4:00 AM UTC. Startup supply is 22,222,222 IDV, released 30% first moth, 30% second month, 40% third month. Price is $0.009 per IDV.

  • ETH staking for Binance Smart Chain is now live on Ankr!

Staking the BSC-wrapped version ETH on Ankr Staking is much cheaper and faster compared to the same service on the Ethereum network — but it still brings the same amount of rewards, as in the background the ETH is staked to Ethereum-based Beacon chain validators!

  • ​​STONE is going to launch the Alpha Test Mining Program on the 5th of March!

All early Stone supporters in the community will be able to start enjoying Rock Solid Yield via our stable coin vaults and Liquid Eth2.0 token vaults. All deposited token addresses are eligible for STONE governance token vesting program while earning the yields from the STONE ROCK SOLID YIELD!

This alpha launch is the first step to bring in Rock Solid Yield via our pooled yield aggregation platform — STONE.

  • Ramifi Protocol to release its incentivized Testnet on March 4th

Users will be able to stake Seigniorage Shares, participate in rebases, view commodity peg, and hold RAM token on the Kovan Network!

  • Startup has presented new Initial Offering: Aluna Social (ALN)

Gate Startup has launched its next project with Aluna Social (ALN) on March 2nd, 4:00 AM UTC. Startup supply is 1,000,000 ALN, unlocked at TGE. Price is $0.1 per ALN.

  • COTI has launched Staking 3.0!

Over 1,300 new applicants were admitted to Staking 3.0, in the course of 10 days. 190M COTI Native coins are now locked into the staking platform for 30 to 90 days.

  • ETHA Lend and Clover Collaborate to Embark A Future of seamless Cross-Chain DeFi Yield Optimization!

With this collaboration, ETHA Lend can march into the Polkadot ecosystem with much confidence to realize the interoperable multi-chain approach to DeFi yield optimization!

  • ​​Fusible (FUSI) Whitelisting has already started!

▪️IDO to happen on DODO DEX
▪️FUSI to launch as BEP20 token
▪️Whitelist yourself here
▪️Initial Market Cap is $272K


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