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. FEB,26,2021 .

  • Dafi Protocol partners with Phantasma to create synthetic tokens!Through this collaboration with DAFI, Phantasma will explore the creation of a network-pegged synthetic token on the DaFi protocol. dSOUL would be a synthetic version of Phantasma’s SOUL tokens.dSOUL tokens will be created in a reduced quantity and pegged to the demand of the Phantasma network. This enhances their token scarcity during low-demand phases and allows SOUL users to be rewarded later when the demand has risen in the network.

  • Aluna.Social has completed $1,000,000 Seed Raise Led By 100x Group & announced 3 new partners!AlunaSocial is a gamified social trading terminal for managing multiple exchange accounts from one place. With a transparent social environment, top traders are rewarded monetary and reputationally, and beginner traders can learn from experts and automatically mirror trades.The raised funds will make it possible to fast-track development of the Aluna ecosystem! Aluna Social to conduct a Strong Holder Offering via DAO Maker on the 1st of March!

  • Yearn Earn V2 is now integrated with DeFi Earn!With DeFi Earn, users can earn passive income while retaining full control of their crypto. It currently supports 12 tokens, including ATOM, BAT, COMP, DAI, ETH, UNI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, ZRX, SUSD, and

  • COTI (COTI) is now available on SushiSwap!COTI has submitted an application to the Sushi Swap team to incentivize liquidity providers with SUSHI for their deposits. COTI is looking at the possibility of adding GOVI rewards to SushiSwap liquidity providers as

  • Blank (BLANK) to conduct its IDO on PolkastarterBlank Wallet IDO is set to launch on March 5 on the Polkastarter. A grand total of 120,000 USDT will be raised in IDO. Token’s price is $0.064 USDT per BLANK. 1,875,000 BLANK tokens (1.50% of the total token supply) will be available for

  • has listed four new tokens!HOPR (HOPR), Alpha Quark Token (AQT), Prometeus (PROM) & EasyFi (EASY)  trading is now available on Gate. Supported trading pairs are HOPR/USDT, HOPR/ETH, AQT/USDT, PROM/USDT, PROM/ETH, EASY/USDT & EASY/

  • Terra Virtua (TVK) has been listed in the Binance Innovation ZoneBinance has listed Terra Virtua (TVK) in the Innovation Zone and opened trading for TVK/BTC and TVK/BUSD trading pairs on February 26th, 9:00 AM

  • KuCoin has unveiled three new listings!Ideaology (IDEA), Phala Network (PHA), and SparkPoint (SRK) deposits are now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs are IDEA/USDT, PHA/USDT, PHA/ETH, SRK/USDT, and SRK/

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