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. FEB,25,2021 .

  • Pulse Network Built on Polkadot With Real World Use Cases@Pulse_Network is currently being utilised by Japanese doctors who rely on advance AI diagnostic capabilities to design new drugs and detect disease. Essentially, Pulse Network is a doctor’s and your personal AI health assistant that connects them to a database of diagnostics – derived from millions of cases from clinics and hospitals in different countries with all of that data becoming accessible at the touch of your fingertips.

    One example of use case is that there are 3 different vaccines available for COVID 19 now and with Pulse Network, users will be able to distinguish the difference between these 3 and with the help of their Application “Pulse Pocket”, would be able to identify the best vaccines to suit their body/lifestyle.

  • Bifrost will start the third round of Mint Drop on February 26th at 6:00 AM UTC!The minting quota of this round is 5000 vETH, and the hard cap is 72 hours. A total of 100,000 BNC will be airdropped, and each vETH will receive at least 20 BNC.

  • MANTRA DAO has announced its native launchpad – ZENDIT!With MANTRA DAOs latest product, ZENDIT, promising projects in the crypto space will be able to launch their tokens in private and public pools as well as through different types of auctions including dutch auctions. ZENDIT tiers will allow Sherpas who hold the required amount of OM tokens to be eligible to enter the highest allocation tier they qualify for.

  • ​​UniFarm has unveiled Cohort 3!Cohort 3 to launch on March 3rd, 2:30 PM UTC. Users will get a minimum APY of 40% and a maximum APY of 250%.

    Six projects: OpenDeFi, PAID Network, MANTRA DAO, Royale.Finance, PLOTX, Razor Network.

  • OIN Partners with Union Finance!This partnership will help OIN to leverage UNION’s customized suite of protection and collateral optimization (C-OP) for OIN OINDAO users. UNION will be able to issue OIN-powered stablecoins as collateral, while OIN will be able to issue US-UNN stablecoins to its users.

  • Dafi Protocol has closed $900K fundraising roundThe round was led by Rarestone Capital, Spark Capital, LD Capital, AU21 Capital, Amplifi, Twin Apex, Polymer Capital, SL2 Capital, Morningstar Ventures, MoonRock Capital.

  • ​​ has raised over $1 Million on the Strategic Round!@IdavollNetwork is one of the first supported projects by the Web3 Foundation Grants Program. Idavoll Network has successfully completed an initial funding round to launch its infrastructure and services to users of the Idavoll Network and Polkadot Parachains.

    This round of investments are led by DFG, ZBS Capital, YBB Foundation, Hashwei Ventures, Chain Capital, Gate,io, Oasis Capital, Bitblock Capital, Onemax Capital, Blockhunter Capital, Magnus Capital and more than 10 other investment institutions.

  • has listed Polkamarkets (POLK)Polkamarkets (POLK) trading under POLK/USDT and POLK/ETH trading pairs has started on February 25th, 11:00 AM UTC.

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