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.  FEB,24,2021 .

  • Umbrella Network has released 2021 Roadmap!▪️March 3: Private testnet integration
    ▪️March 15: Launch the public testnet
    ▪️April: Launch on Binance Smart Chain and Huobi ECO Chain
    ▪️June: Ethereum mainnet launch
    ▪️July: Launch our decentralized governance
    ▪️September: Integrate with Moonbeam, Plasm, and Edgeware Polkadot &  Launch delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus

  • Alameda Research invests $35M into Fantom

  • OIN to Integrate Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!OIN will be able to utilize BSC’s cross-platform functionality, EVM compatibility, and PoSA consensus mechanism to issue stablecoin, stake, and yield returns.

  • Blocksync Ventures has released its website & revealed the investments!Blocksync Ventures is an investment firm focused on early-stage blockchain startups. Blocksync Ventures are looking for projects particularly at the intersection of decentralized finance and Polkadot-powered interoperability!

  • Yield Protocol, incubated by DAO Maker, Strong Holder Offering (SHO) is now live!There are 3 rounds in this SHO running simultaneously and you can participate in all rounds:
    ▪️150,000 USD Merit Holder Round ($500 per participant)
    ▪️15,000 USD Community round ($100 per participant)
    ▪️35,000 USD Round (proportional/everyone gets some)

  • Orion Protocol’s staking calculator is liveThe calculator will allow users to determine the lucrative staking rewards on Orion Protocol, depending on multiple parameters. The parameters include Protocol Daily Volume, Total ORN Staked, Your ORN Staked, ORN Market Price, and Lock ups.

  • Exeedme to conduct the first Blockchain CS:GO starting on the 28th of February!Exeedme Blockchain CS:GO Tournament — a live gaming event where crypto projects will go head to head in hard fought battles. The winning team will take home a grand prize worth of mixed tokens and 5 exclusive pieces of NFT gaming artwork.

    Teams from Ocean Protocol, Utrust, Ultra, Ferrum Network, Chainlink, Chain Guardians, Umbrella Network & Aleph.Im will play & show off gaming skills on Exeedme!

  • has listed four new tokens!SuperFarm (SUPER), UniLend Finance (UFT), Raydium (RAY) & PolkaBridge (PBR) trading is now available on Gate. Supported trading pairs are SUPER/USDT, SUPER/ETH, UFT/USDT, UFT/ETH, RAY/USDT, RAY/ETH, PBR/USDT, and PBR/ETH.


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