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.  FEB,15,2021 . 

  • Router Protocol has introduced its RoadmapRouter Protocol has already completed its AMM Research, AMM optimization, Fundraising, and Pre-launch activities of the cross-chain farming pilot and CEX/DEX listing. During Q3 2021, Router will launch a Polygon Mainnet with Router cross-chain governance launch followed by introducing its custom chain developed to ease out cross-chain transfers.

  • ​​The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with INTELMAX to create a platform for the exchange of intellectual property based on the Fantom blockchain!

  • Polkamarkets partners with Kylin Network for Decentralized OraclesThis partnership will help to ensure the quality and reliability of data sourcing for markets, disputes and resolution on Polkamarkets.

  • Nord Savings V1 to launch on February 19th at 12:00 PM

  • Unido (UDO) will hold its IDO on Polkastarter on the 26th of February!

  • Vaiot (VAI) is now trading on Uniswap!▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 VAI = $0.12 USD
    ▪️Current Token Price: 1 VAI = $2.28 USD
    ▪️Current ROI in USD: ~19x

  • DAOventures (DVG) is now trading on Uniswap!▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 DVG = $0.225 USD
    ▪️Current Token Price: 1 DVG = $5.56 USD
    ▪️Current ROI in USD: ~24.7x

  • Public Mint (MINT) Polkastarter IDO to take place on February 23rdThe whitelist is now open and will close on February 19th, 5:00 PM UTC.  Public Mint is raising a total of $250K USD via the Polkastater IDO with more details on the POLS/non-POLS pools to be released in the coming days.

  • BitMax to list MahaDAO (MAHA) and ARTH (ARTH)

  • VAIOT (VAI) to be listed on Uniswap!

  • Insured Finance to Launch on Next-Generation Terminal Bot OceanThe partnership between the duo is a win-win for both sides. Bot Ocean will add additional functionality to its current suite of offerings. From the side of Insured Finance, their offering will be available to a fresh audience of users.

  • Aloha DeFi (ALOHA) Public Sale

  • LaunchPool (LPOOL) staking interface is going live today!Users can stake UNI, BONDLY, SHR, PAID, POLS, STPT, RUNE, SUSHI, 1INCH to earn LPOOL tokens. Rewards begin to accrue on February 22nd!


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