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.  FEB,11,2021 . 

  • has unveiled Tesla Bitcoin Lucky Draw with $250K Worth of PrizesCryptoCom App users who trade BTC between now and March 8th have a chance to win a brand-new Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, or Model 3.

  • Terra Virtua has collaborated with UniFarm by OroPocket!UniFarm is a next generation pool where users can stake TVK and get the maximum APY, up to 300% APR! Users can stake TVK to farm ALL five tokens: TVK, ORO, MATIC, NORD, ROUTE & ZEE. UniFarm will be launching this staking pool February 13th!

  • Bithumb Global has listed Sparkle Coin (SPRK) on GEM boardSparkle Coin (SPRK) has been listed on Bithumb Global under SPRK/USDT trading pair on February 11th, 9:00 AM UTC.

  • Pontem Network has been approved for two grants from Web3 Foundation and Wings Foundation!Soon people will be able to use different Defi instrument actions in one plaсe — for instance, swap tokens, provide liquidity, and stake LP tokens, all in one transaction. Use presets and even ready-to-use actions made by external developers. This week Pontem Network will take a closer look at what it is and what opportunities Pontem Blocks will open for you in the future.

  • to airdrop Qi Token (QI) to QTUM HoldersGate will allocate QiSwap token (QI) airdrop to QTUM holders based on snapshot captured on February 12th 3:00 PM UTC. The distribution ratio is 2 QTUM to 1 QI.

  • Marlin partners with Injective to enable unmatched trading speeds!Marlin can seamlessly integrate with the Injective Chain to enable speeds that are not possible in any other DEX today. Injective can also aid Marlin in expanding its network to a plethora of new users. Users will now have access to new derivative products that interact with the POND token as an underlying, thereby helping to increase the overall utility of POND itself.

  • Ankr aETH pool with double rewards is now live on Curve!

  • PROM is now becoming an ecosystem token of all products developed by Prometeus LabsProducts created by Prometeus Labs: Ignite, Prosper, Coldstack, Promenade, Exponent, and Stoa. Each product will have a separate token: IGN, PROS, CLS, EXPT, PROD, STOA. Some of the tokens will be initially distributed only to PROM holders, other ones will be available by staking PROM. PROM holders will be eligible to receive part of the revenue of Prometeus Ecosystem products.

  • Radix (eXRD) launches GoodFi Alliance with Chainlink, Aave, Messari, mStable & more!GoodFi was created with a clear mission: get 100,000,000 people to put at least $1 into DeFi by 2025!

  • Umbrella Network partnered with Fire Protocol!Umbrella Network will be Fire Protocol’s oracle partner, securely and accurately pricing assets and providing the data that drives its operation amid a rapidly developing market.

  • Decentr joins forces with Aleph.imDecentr and Aleph have announced a strategic and technical partnership that will integrate a variety of Aleph use cases into the Decentr ecosystem. Two of these being Aleph’s decentralized storage solution and integrating Aleph network into Decentr for interchain liquidity.

  • Butterfly Protocol will hold the first Sponsor a Domain contest with 500,000 subBFLY Tokens in rewards!

  • ​​OIN Partners With The Pioneers of Digital Collectibles, Terra Virtua!By partnering with Terra Virtua, OIN will secure blockchain transactions and provide an immersive collectible platform for the users. OIN will be facilitating stablecoin issuance to blockchain Terra Virtua’s project through a multi-faceted infrastructure.

    With the help of OIN’s product OINDAO, Terra Virtua can blockchain all their transactions and provide a better Augmented Reality experience to their users. OINDAO is a stablecoin and staking derivatives issuance platform specially designed for Altcoins.

  • Jigstack and Hedera Token Service are forging a strategic alliance to advance the tokenization industry!Jigstack will bring one of its flagship products — Lemonade, which also runs on the Ethereum blockchain — to the Hedera ecosystem, where it will act as a launchpad for all blockchain-native projects.

  • Polkamarkets (POLK) to conduct an IDO on Polkastarter!The Polkamarkets (POLK) whitelist will open on February 14th at 17:00 UTC. The date of the IDO launch itself is to be announced at a later date, after whitelist close.


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