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.  FEB,10,2021 . 

  • Matic Network rebrands to Polygon – Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains!Polygon extends the scope of the Matic platform and transforms it into a powerful, easy-to-use framework for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. With Polygon, Ethereum becomes a full-fledged multi-chain system like Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, etc, but with some major upsides: Ability to inherit Ethereum’s network effect, Inherently higher security, Openness, and higher flexibility. MATIC token remains critically important for securing and governing the network.

  • Startup has unveiled new Initial Offering: Peanut (NUX)The Peanut Startup Sale is now live and will last until February 10th, 10:00 AM UTC. The fundraising target is 200K NUX, and total NUX sale supply is 2M NUX. The price is 0.73 USDT/NUX. USDT is used as the payment currency for this sale.

  • OptionRoom join forces with LitentryThis partnership will create new opportunities both for the Litentry Aggregated DID ecosystem and for Oracle as a Service (OaaS) product of OptionRoom.

  • Oddz Finance has released its Litepaper!Oddz Finance is striving towards revolutionizing the DeFi-derivatives landscape with smart On-Chain option trading solutions. Key propositions that Oddz Finance offers: Zero-gas fees transactions, Fraction trades, Transparent Premium price calculations, Customised option trades & In-built Oddz oracle.

  • KuCoin now provide services for USDT and USDC on AlgorandKuCoin becomes the first platform to support USDC on Algorand. Users can now deposit and withdraw USDT-ASA and USDC-ASA on KuCoin using the Algorand protocol. To celebrate the launch, Pool-X and Algorand will hold a series of New Year campaigns:
    ▪️USDT & USDC Flexible Staking (Expected APR 12%-13%)
    ▪️USDT & USDC Fixed Staking (Expected APR of 16%)
    ▪️5,000,000 ALGO Trial Funds Being Given Away

  • ​​Polkamarkets has closed its strategic sale round for $625,000The fundraising round was led by Moonrock Capital, Morningstar Ventures, NGC Ventures, Astronaut Capital and Spark Capital.

  • Router Protocol has partnered with UniFarm!Router Protocol will be collaborating with UniFarm, a new staking product developed by OpenDeFi, to enable users to stake ROUTE and farm multiple tokens in the UniFarm pool. UniFarm will be launching its second cohort of DeFi projects on February 13th!

  • Cartesi Partners with Elrond to bring the World’s Prevailing OS to the Internet Scale Blockchain!This partnership is part of Cartesi’s continual emphasis on the mainstream adoption of blockchain tech and its commitment to allowing developers to deploy their DApps on the most relevant blockchains.

  • Fuse Partners with Orion Protocol to Utilize Liquidity Boost PluginThis integration is set to further bolster FuseSwap’s growth by providing cross-exchange liquidity on multiple cryptocurrency pairs including USDT, DAI, USDC, EURS, WETH, WBTC, and FUSE.

  • Public Mint public sale will be held via an IDO on Polkastarter!The Public Mint IDO follows the successful $2.5m strategic investment round led by Black Edge Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Genesis Block Ventures and Solidity Ventures. Other strategic investors include Woodstock, Kenetic Capital and AU21. Public Mint will be announcing the IDO date and whitelist details over the coming days!

  • Finxflo has announced $1M of Liquidity Locked for 6 MonthsThe Finxflo team has used to lock over $1,000,000 of liquidity denominated in ETH and FXF tokens. The current unlock date is September 8, 2021. Those pool tokens, as well as their associated liquidity in FXF and ETH, cannot be removed during that time.

  • Avalanche has introduced Pangolin:  A Community-Driven DEX for Avalanche and Ethereum AssetsIn addition to a significant performance upgrade, Pangolin features a liquidity mining program that enables liquidity providers to yield the native governance token, called PNG. All PNG tokens will be distributed to the community, in a model known as a “fair launch.” There will be no premine and no early access tokens for the team. Pangolin also directs trading fees (0.30%) to liquidity providers.


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