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. JAN,11,2021 . 

  •  ​​EasyFi has introduced the first project on EasyFi Access – Router

EasyFi Access will offer new avenues for all DeFi communities to earn EASY & partner tokens. The Access program offers exclusive access to the EASY holders to these new projects with: newer DualFarming opportunities, farming more EASY by staking EASY-partner LP tokens, generate higher APY% yields, and other incentivization programs.

  • ​​Orion Protocol has announced Fire Protocol as Liquidity Boost Plugin partner

Orion will enrich FireSwap with bottomless cross-exchange liquidity, drastically reducing spread and slippage on the platform while enabling the best price in the market for its traders.
This follows LBP partnerships with Polkastarter, MobiePay, and PlasmaPay.

​​ Frontier has announced FRONT BEP20, the Frontier Binance Smart Chain Bridge, and the FRONT-BNB Pool on PancakeSwap

Frontier has successfully deployed a fully upgradable set of smart contracts which allow Frontier Token holders to seamlessly bridge their FRONT ERC20 tokens over to the Binance Smart Chain BEP20 standard. This smart contract development is also accompanied by the new Frontier Binance Smart Chain Bridge, which allows users to easily hop between FRONT ERC20 and FRONT BEP20 versions in a completely trustless fashion.



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