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.  FEB,02,2021 . 

  • Bluzelle Launches Developer Grant Program for Censorship-Resistant Applications!Bluzelle has allocated $500,000 USD to support innovative use cases that can benefit from Bluzelle’s unique decentralized database. Bluzelle is now accepting the first wave of applications that will focus largely on censorship-resistant applications. Bluzelle Mainnet launch is scheduled on February 3rd!

  • COTI has introduced the new & improved staking program – Staking 3.0!Staking 3.0 significantly extends the amount of coins that can be staked on COTI’s full nodes and supports the demand for the Native COTI while reducing the circulating supply even further. Registration for Staking 3.0 starts next week. Those who are admitted will go live starting March 1st,

  • Users can now farm GUM by providing ETH liquidity on GUM FarmThe GUM – ETH Pool is coming to GUM Farm. Users can now provide ETH liquidity into the pool to farm GUM and earn LP

  • Utrust partners with ShoppingIO!Utrust announced a partnership with ShoppingIO to provide services for purchasing items using BTC and UTK on Amazon, eBay and

  • SnowSwap has integrated the Chainlink Fast Gas Oracle on mainnet into all of the new rewards distribution geysers!SnowSwap is a decentralized exchange that employs farming rewards to generate yield for liquidity providers. The integration allows stakers to deposit and withdraw using Chainlink’s decentralized fast gas price oracle as a reference to ensure they are properly accounting for current Ethereum network fees when moving between yield generation strategies on

  • StaFi has launched rETH & rETH StakingDrop Campaign Begins!Staker and validator can stake ETH and farm FIS on top of ETH staking rewards, total reward for this stakingdrop is 102,000 FIS!A bigger incentive campaign for liquidity providers is also coming altogether with other Token products such as rDOT, rKSM, and rFIS in the near future, and StakeDrop program participants will have an exclusive advantage!

  • ​UNION Finance has deployed C-OP app to Testnet and written the first C-OP

  • Razor Network (RAZOR) Public Sale DetailsRazor Network will be offering 20 million RAZOR tokens through a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on February 4th, 1 PM UTC. The event will continue till around February 6th, 1 PM UTC, or till all RAZOR tokens have been distributed. The starting price of the RAZOR token would be around $0.53. The floor price is $0.025 per


  • The NULS SCO Platform has recently shown rapid growth!NULS has added over a dozen new projects to its ecosystem these past weeks. Users can now stake NULS for the tokens of the next project: EARHART, BONFI, VIBOOK, BLADE CLOUD, COBALT LEND, RIVEX, DATT, MYCRYPTOPLAY, LCC, and VOX Finance with YOP Finance coming


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