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.  JAN,27,2021 . 

  • Manta Network partners with Reef Finance for Liquidity SolutionsManta Network and Reef Finance will be working on increasing the liquidity of Manta’s trading pools on its privacy-preserving decentralized exchange. Additionally, Reef and Manta intend to explore privacy-token modularity and new use cases for it in DeFi.

  • Umbrella Network teams up with Linear Finance!Umbrella Network & Linear Finance are collaborating to leverage market data on the blockchain! Linear will use Umbrella oracles to get reliable, non-manipulable price data for Brent Crude, West Texas Intermediate, VIX, and Inverse VIX. Umbrella is able to provide this price data with unparalleled security and update frequency, so Linear can turn each of these four figures into a tradeable index.

  • Decentr has introduced DEC Uniswap Liquidity Rewards ProgramLiquidity providers will gain rewards based on their percentage share of the overall liquidity pool. Monthly reward pool is 200,000 DEC. The liquidity program has already started.

  • LuaSwap is now LIVE on the TomoChain blockchain!LuaSwap now operates independently on both the TomoChain & Ethereum Blockchains, taking advantage of each chain’s capabilities. On the TomoChain blockchain, specifically, LuaSwap allows you to purchase tokens nearly instantly, at near-zero gas fees, and without network congestion.

    An incentive program will be announced in February to celebrate LuaSwap’s launch on the TomoChain network. The program will reward Liquidity Providers of unique pools with millions of LUA up for grabs!

  • Oddz Protocol has introduced Zero Gas Fees TransactionsOddz Protocol introduces zero gas fee transactions via relayer networks, thus employing native meta transactions to minimize gas costs to transfer the benefit to platform users ultimately.

  • MahaDAO has launched ARTH Bonds (ARTHB)!ARTH Bond are tokens that are issued when ARTH is trading below its target price (currently $1). Almost anybody can buy ARTH Bonds, as it is a highly lucrative asset that can often offer a high ROR.

  • SnowSwap (SNOW) has been listed on Gate under the SNOW/USDT & SNOW/ETH trading pairs!

  • Hopr has launched Titlis Testnet & has already received over 2,000 active nodes!


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