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.  JAN,26,2021 . 

  • Props (PROPS) to be listed on KuCoin!KuCoin will list Props (PROPS) and open trading for PROPS/USDT trading pair on January 27th, 1:00 PM UTC. Deposits are already opened. Withdrawals to start on January 29th, 2:00 PM UTC.

  • Cartesi has released its new website and unveiled Cartesi RollupsThe Cartesi team is currently working on an update of its system to implement a variant of optimistic rollups featuring interactive dispute resolutions.

    Cartesi’s core technology relies on its virtual machine that emulates a RISC-V ISA, called the Cartesi Machine. It has been designed to run computationally-intensive decentralized logic off-chain, on a Linux environment. Cartesi Machines are self-contained and reproducible. They are also transparent, meaning that they expose their state for external inspection through succinct Merkle tree proofs.

  • Ideaology (IDEA) IEO DetailsIdeaology (IDEA) public sale has started on January 26th, 10:00 AM UTC on Exchange. The Token Price is $0.09 USD, along with the total Token Supply of 11,111,112 IDEA for the public sale. Check the guide on how to participate in the Ideaology IEO.

  • MAPS (MAPS) auction on Bitmax will start today, on January 26th, at 2:00 PM UTCBitMax will conduct two separate auctions on January 26th, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM UTC. A total of 2M MAPS will be auctioned between a “Standard” with 1.7M MAPS and an “Uncapped” auction with 300K MAPS. (MAPS) trading will start on February 1st, 2:00 PM UTC under MAPS/USDT trading pair on BitMax, FTX, and Serum.

  • Coinbase Custody now supports Dvision Network (DVI)From now on, the DVI holders can store safely their DVI tokens and other assets including BTC, ETH, USDC, BAT, and LINK in a 100% offline cold-storage system operated by Coinbase Custody.

  • Bull Bear Strike Token is finally unboxed at ACDX!Bull Bear Strike Token (BBS) is leveraged structured product – a hybrid of perpetual futures and options that allows traders to go long and short on crypto.

    To celebrate Bull Bear Strike Token launch, ACDX is holding BBS Prized Quiz with $150,000 Giveaway.

  • ​​Beefy finance adds Frontier Vault to Optimize yield on Binance Smart ChainFRONT – BNB LP Vault has been added by Beefy finance, the vault uses the PancakeSwap Strategy and farms CAKE as rewards. Current APY is ~250%.

    To celebrate the launch of the FRONT-BNB Beefy LP vault Frontier is giving away 1,000 BEP20 FRONT!

  • MXC to list BambooDeFi (Bamboo) and launch the 20th Session “MX DeFi”BambooDeFi (Bamboo) trading on MXC will start on February 2nd, 3:00 AM UTC under Bamboo/USDT trading pair.

    The 20th session of “MX DeFi” Yield Mining is coming. Users can stake LTC, MX, BTC, or ETH to earn liquidity yield of BambooDeFi (Bamboo). The staking period will last 6 days starting from January 24th, 3:30 AM UTC.

    Right now BambooDefi is holding its IEO on ChainX.

  • Fuse has released “Year 2020 in review & the ROAD AHEAD”!Fuse has a consistent pipeline of projects seeking to launch tokens, build payment communities, create cutting-edge economic models and migrate tokens, and users from Ethereum to Fuse’s scalable network. Fuse is hyper-focused on developing products that the users find beneficial and are keen to share with their friends and acquaintances: Fuse Network 2.0, Studio, FuseSwap, FuseX & Consumer Wallet (TBC).

  • Marlin partners with StaFi to enable POND staking derivatives!The teams at StaFi and Marlin have been working together for a while and this announcement only crystallizes an ongoing collaboration. In the coming days, users of both projects can expect the following developments:
    ▪️Marlin relay and gateway nodes for StaFi validators to utilize the Marlin network
    ▪️Release of rPOND to provide liquid staking opportunities for Marlin token holders

  • Razor Network has released its year 2020 ReviewFor Razor Network, 2020 holds a special space, as the team managed to make significant technical advancements, forge partnerships with industry leaders, and build a strong community of supporters.

    Razor Network successfully raised a total of $3.7million in seed and private sales rounds to aid Razor’s research, development, and marketing from prominent investors, including NGC Ventures, Alameda Research and Borderless Capital. During 2020, Razor Network has forged partnerships with a mix of upcoming and established players in the blockchain space, such as Matic Network, Skale Network, XinFin’s XDC, Persistence, OpenDeFi, MantraDAO, Conflux, and Sentinel.

  • AppSwarm announces collaboration with Pawtocol for Gamification of the Pet IndustryThrough this collaboration, players will be able to virtually adopt a pet from a shelter, which means activating one of Pawtocol’s Blockchain Pet Tags, which creates a permanent ID for pet on the blockchain. As a virtual pet parent, users can sponsor their pets to find a home, and even teach them to learn new skills, with additional features to be included upon launch.


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