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.  JAN,22,2021 . 

  • ​​BoringDAO partners with EasyFi to bring non-ETH Liquidity to Layer 2 DeFiEasyFi Network is the first lending protocol on Matic Network and on any Layer 2 network to list Non-ERC20 (Bitcoin (oBTC) & Litecoin (oLTC)) assets as collaterals. This partnership resonates well with EasyFi #DoMoreWithDeFi vision of maximizing the utility for cryptos and other digital assets.EasyFi will also start a new exclusive Dual Farming program with BoringDAO, where users who stake their EASY can farm BOR tokens, on January 23rd. The specifics of this DF program will be announced shortly.

  • rFIS & Two-way rBridge are now live on Stafi

  • GET Protocol has updated the roadmap for the first half of 2021!▪️Q1 – Updated tokenomics
    ▪️Q2 – Release of NFT ticketing
    ▪️Q2 – Event financing with DeFiOn top of that, the return of live events is coming which will lead to big GET token burns every quarter.

  • MahaDAO will launch the ARTH valuecoin today, at 3:00 PM UTC!The first epoch starts at 4 PM UTC, 1 hour after the ARTH platform is live. ARTH has an elastic protocol that has the potential to transition into a hybrid model that incorporates collaterals. Rather than an algorithmic peg to USD, the price of ARTH is tied to a basket of assets, known as the Global Measurement Unit or

  • Oddz Platform (ODDZ) OverviewOddz Platform thrives on revolutionizing the on-chain derivatives market by introducing smart and intuitive features for contractual traders.
    Oddz is the World’s foremost option trading protocol to be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Ethereum.Oddz offers a seamless on-chain option trading solution with an in-built Oracle solution:
    ▪️Transparent premium calculation – Showing all the metrics used to calculate the premium will help user take the better decision.
    ▪️Zero gas fees – Make your transactions more economical and viable.
    ▪️Delightful Interface – Get up and running fast with our easy to use and clutter-free interface.
    ▪️Customizable Options – Get new options by defining your own parameters.
    ▪️Diversified Option Premiums – Get new options by defining your own parameters.
    ▪️Incentives and Rewards – Earn higher yields as liquidity providers. Get incentivized as a data curator and by staking Oddz tokens.
    ▪️Governance – Have, a say in future upgrades and additions to the Protocol & Oracle.

    Platform users can either earn a ODDZ token or buy it on an exchange platform later — the native ODDZ token’s primary utilities with the power of staking, bonding, and governance. The intricate details relating to the utility will be explained at a later stage.

    According to the roadmap, Odd Platform is going to have a Token Generation Event in Q1 2020. We are looking for more updates from the project and recommend to subscribe to Odd Platform social channels not to miss important news.

    TG: @oddz_finance

  • GTX Corp has signed collaboration agreement with PawtocolUnder the agreement GTX will explore integrating IoT sensors and embedded tech to collect and share pet data, leveraging Pawtocol’s blockchain technology. GTX’s Rover Tracker, which is a GPS and NFC IoT device designed for the rapid recovery and profile identification of pets, will be the first device tested on the

  • Stkr rebrands to Ankr Staking & aETH becomes aETHB!In the coming weeks, Ankr will present a major update for the website to improve user experience, turning the front page into a portal for all of the services we provide: DeFi staking, API services and node


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