Binance Earn Review

Deposit crypto and earn rewards

Different product, more rewards Flexible deposits, higher returns
A token launch platform for transformative projects


What is Binance Earn?
Binance Earn is a summary page of Binance financial products. Use Binance Earn to quickly view information of different products and find the most suitable products for your portfolio. Binance Earn is divided into five sections. Click on the product to view more details and to participate.
What is a Flexible Product?
Deposit and redeem at any time with low returns. While earning interest, you have the ability to make withdrawals or transactions at any time. Product types currently included: Flexible Savings
What is Fixed Term?
Fixed terms with higher profits and high returns. Choose from different products and investment periods while obtaining higher returns. Products currently included: Flexible Savings, Activities, Locked Staking, DeFi Staking.
What is Launchpool?
Use BNB, BUSD or other designated tokens to mine Binance’s upcoming new coins, which are open from time to time. The rate of return is determined based on the actual price of the new token and the number of participants. In most cases, the annual Percentage Yield (APY) is relatively high.
What is Asset Management?
The Asset Management section gathers more innovative products to meet the individual needs of users. The annualized return is generally higher, but the product rules are relatively complicated and the risk levels vary. Please read the product information carefully before participating. Products currently included: Dual Savings & Liquidity Swap.

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