Bankroll Farm is a zero fee / high yield savings and income portfolio. Passively earn BNKR by holding popular platform and protocol assets with zero counter party risk. Welcome to Team Bankroll.

To get started, copy the link and paste it into your TRON Wallet browser



Bankroll Farm offers lossless saver pools to yield farm BNKR. Deposit your equal parts of your supported TRC20 tokens and BNKR to earn risk free. Farm has ZERO FEES, is powered 100% through participation, and you can withdraw at any time. Interest is earned by mining BNKR over time. Each mined BNKR is co-mined 1:1 with Stronghold to incentivize locked liquidity. In addition, a generous 10% commission is paid on referrals during the claims process. A minimum of 50 BNKR deposited (per pool) is required for referral rewards. Spread the word and lets grow Bankroll!

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