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. Mar,17,2021 .

  • ​​BEPRO Network has unveiled NFT Factory CodebaseUsers can deploy their own white labeled and customizable Rarible, Open Sea, or MakersPlace by using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory

  • MahaDAO is introducing ARTH v2!Key highlights for ARTH v2 are as follows:
    ▪️Protocol Controlled Liquidity (PCV)
    ▪️SushiSwap Pools
    ▪️No epochs. No bonds
    ▪️Zero gas-fee migration for ARTH holders ️
    ▪️Security Audits & Public Beta before

  • ​​Polkastarter has announced the integration of Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!The integration means projects will be able to launch their Polkastarter IDOs on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain simultaneously!The POLS token will be available on BSC as well as on Ethereum, opening up access of Polkastarter IDOs to the BSC ecosystem as well. Projects that are raising with Polkastarter will have access to a chain-swap tool that allows their token holding community to easily swap their assets between exchanges on Ethereum and BSC.

  • Dora Factory has presented its native token – Dorayaki (DORA)Dora Factory is governed by DORA holders. Users and holders of DORA can stake, mine and pay DORA tokens. Developers who build will be rewarded with DORA tokens.Firstly, Dora Factory will issue a standard ERC20 token. After the Dora Factory mainnet is launched, ERC20 DORA tokens will be converted to the mainnet native token. The initial total supply of DORA is 10,000,000. The initial circulating supply will be 1,850,000 DORA (18.5% of the initial total supply).

  • YOP will integrate UniLend’s platform for yield optimization, giving UniLend access to the huge mobile user base!UniLend is the first lending DeFi protocol that is collaborating with YOP to integrate its decentralized services for their customer base. UFT holders will benefit from YOP’s automated engagement interface and yield markets with custom control parametersCollaborating with projects such as YOP helps UniLend tap into new DeFi markets by funneling in mobile users seeking to optimize their yield

  • Stone and Apron announce strategic alliance to drive adoption of DeFi 2.0!Apron Network and Stone have entered into a strategic partnership that will lead to an accessible and infra-diverse DApp in which will help Stone to build its Rock Solid Yield revenue aggregation platform.With this partnership, Apron Network will provide Stone with stable node services and on-chain data indexing services that will enable Stone further improve its yield management protocol for all users in the DeFi ecosystem.


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