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. Mar,26,2021 .

  • Busy Technology has unveiled a new Partner and Investor – Spark DigitalTogether, Busy and Spark will be accelerating the BUSY DAO engine to mainstream adoption, boosting marketing and heading to close pre-sale rounds and do a public sale soon!

  • ​​Raze Network partners with Xend Finance!This strategic partnership enables Raze Network to implement privacy-preserving functionality for Xend Finance users & allows to explore different and innovative ways to expand anonymous payment and safe investing methods

    This partnership will also include some further exciting initiatives that include exploration of generating High-interest savings rates, access to loans with flexible repayment and terms, membership management, and assets and investments protection.

  • Sheesha Finance starts the Liquidity Generation Event today on both Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain!The LGEs will run for 13 days and allow people to contribute ETH/BNB in return for LP tokens. 15,000 tokens on both the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (or 15% of the total supply) are dedicated to the LGEs.

  • ​​PERFORMANCE OF THE RECENT POLKASTARTER IDOsShyft (SHFT) IDO will be live on Polkastarter today, on March 26th, 3:00 PM UTC. The initial price is 1 SHFT = $0.20. The initial market cap is $760,000.

  • ​​Bware Labs choosing to integrate its Decentralized Marketplace solution with Binance Smart Chain!Bware labs decided to use Binance Smart Chain as the platform for the payment system, including the management of the subscription plans and other operations connected to activities!

    In support of this integration,  Bware Labs will provide a cross-chain bridge solution for transforming the original ERC20 BWR tokens to their BEP20 counterparts and vice-versa. Furthermore, the liquidity needed for the initial listing will be provided on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap decentralized exchanges!

  • ​​DeXe Network partners with Parsiq to unlock powerful data for tradersAt even the most basic level, Parsiq will help DeXe traders execute more actions and strategies both within the Ethereum network and beyond. When used by skilled traders in the DeXe Network, Parsiq’s parsing data can form the basis of complex strategies based on the actions of specific wallets, activity on certain contracts, real-time analysis of market sentiment, and much more.

  • COTI has released development update on ADA Pay launching for Shelley MainnetWith native assets on top of Shelley Mainnet and the growth of popularity of Cardano and ADA, there’s a huge opportunity in developing ADA Pay for Shelley Mainnet.

    The ADA Pay systems comes with a full suite of a Payment gateway, Donations gateway and a Merchant back office CRM.

  • Bifrost has unveiled vETH Hold Drop and vETH Liquidity Mining events

vETH Hold Drop event will last for 14 days starting from March 26th, 6:00 AM UTC. Users have to hold vETH to share 35,000 BNC rewards.

vETH Liquidity Mining event will last for 14 days starting from April 2nd, 6:00 AM UTC. Users have to provide liquidity for vETH : ETH trading pair in DODO to share 85,000 BNC rewards.


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