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. Mar,22,2021 .

  • ​​Unmarshal (MARSH) whitelist for Polkastarter IDO is Now Open!

Unmarshal will be allocating $204,000 worth of MARSH tokens on Polkastarter. Public Pool Allocation is $102,000 worth MARSH and POLS Pool Allocation is $102,000 worth MARSH. There will be a total number of 680 winners of the lottery, each winner is eligible to purchase $300 worth of MARSH tokens.

  • ​​ETHA Lend unveiled a strategic partnership with KONOMI

This partnership will empower both ETHA Lend and KONOMI to present a highly compatible, agile, and efficient landscape to liquidity mining, DeFi yield optimization, and broader DeFi space.

  • ​​BitMax has rebranded to AscendEX!

The new brand name not only seeks inspiration from the rapid rise of digital assets but also expresses the aspiration for helping all the users to benefit from this new asset class and supporting the advancement of the blockchain industry.

  • ​​Mask Network has invested and partnered with Convergence

As part of the partnership, projects on Convergence could conduct Wrapped Security Token launch through Initial Twitter Offering provided by Mask Network and tradeable in the Convergence AMM pool.

  • ​​The first Blockchain Animals Shelter to receive NFTs for Virtual Pet Adoption

In a first-of-its-kind program, Pawtocol has teamed up with Costa Rican animal rescues to create profiles of pets as an NFT and be able to sell them in the NFT Marketplace.

  • ​​DeXe Network (DEXE) has released the brand new – Wallet Info!

Insert an ERC-20 address into the search box and hit the button. Soon you will find out if that wallet has been profitable and by how much. In the right hands, the Profitability Scanner and W2W are the most powerful combination in DeFi social trading ever!

​​BlockSwap Network is launching Incentivized CommunityNet

BlockSwap Network is launching a 5 month long incentivized CommunityNet distributing ~250,000,000 tokens ahead of subsequent BSN mainnet. During the CommunityNet, users can use BSN products by holding CommunityNet tokens. Activities include Staking for an LP share, governance-related incentives, and more. Doing so, users will earn more tokens.


  • ​​KuCoin has unveiled two new listings!

KuCoin to list Taraxa (TARA) and open trading for TARA/USDT and TARA/ETH trading pairs on March 23rd, 10:00 AM UTC. Withdrawals to start on March 24th, 11:00 AM UTC

KuCoin to list UniLayer (LAYER) and open trading for LAYER/USDT trading pair on 23rd, 10:00 AM UTC. Withdrawals to start on March 24th, 11:00 AM UTC.

  • ​​Apron Network has entered into a strategic partnership with ChainX

Through this cooperation, Apron Network will provide ChainX with decentralized Infrastructure services such as node services, oracles, data indexing services, etc.

  • ​​TosDis has unveiled its multichain IDO launchpad platform — TosLabs

TosLabs will serve as an incubator for new and upcoming innovative projects. Projects will be able to conduct token sales, whitelist participants, and set raise amounts on the platform. TosLabs IDO Launchpad will support multiple chains, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized and secure manner.

  • ​​Prosper has unveiled staking campaign: $3,500,000 rewards in PROS

PROS tokens will be distributed in two different staking mechanisms: mining as the first staking method will be prediction mining, and the second staking method will be announced later.

  • ​​PolkaFoundry and Orion collaborate to bring Limitless Liquidity to DeFi DApps

The Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin will be integrated to support the DEXes built on PolkaFoundry platform. As a result, the DEXes on PolkaFoundry also contribute to the overall liquidity of Orion, taming risk in the cryptocurrency markets and driving wider adoption.

  • ​​A2DAO (ATD) to be listed on Uniswap on March 22nd, 5:00 PM UTC

The ATD token will be listed via ATD/ETH pair, and a few days later via ATD/USDT pair.

  • ​​Blockchain Cuties Universe announces partnership with Decentral Games

DG will host Casino Nights events with NFT auctions. BCU will offer valuable Cuties for such auctions. After grand events, Cutie giveaways (DJ prizes) will be hosted for top 5 scorers.

From Cuties side of things will be launched a super collaboration with Decentral Games and one of their host DJs in such a way, that BCU will create a limited edition Custom Cutie (NFT) of the DJ himself and will giveaway it to him and the high scorers of the event.

  • ​​Cash Tech (CATE) to be listed on Uniswap on March 24th, 2:00 PM UTC

  • ​​Orao Network (ORAO) Initial Offering on Gate Startup is live!

Orao Network (ORAO) sale will finish on March 24th, 4:00 AM UTC. Startup supply is 8,333,333 ORAO, 15% unlocked at TGE. Price is $0.015 USDT per ORAO.

  • ​​SparkleCOIN disrupts the music industry and adds up to $102M to token demand

SparkleCOIN unveiled its new SPRK Awards Platform – AVandaway, which was created to convert an existing $160M/year music download company into using the SPRK Platform and the SCTK token. Working together, SparkleCOIN and AVandaway will pursue the entire Texas market estimated at $500M/year in addition to all other applicable states and countries worldwide.

  • ​​Taraxa (TARA) is now trading on Gate!

▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 TARA = $0.01 USD
▪️Current Token Price: 1 TARA = $0.0554 USD
▪️Current ROI in USD: ~5.54x


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