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. May,04,2021 .

  • ​​NFTify has successfully closed a $2.1M Funding RoundThe fundraising was led by Icetea Labs with the support of an impressive roster of blockchain investors including Master Ventures, M6, Moonrock Capital, Morningstar Ventures and more.

  • ​​HoDooi (HOD) OverviewHoDooi is a multi-chain platform digital content NFT platform where users can create, buy, sell and resell digital content NFTs easily. HoDooi will be initially providing access to the Binance Smart Chain then forming a cross-chain solution to Ethereum Blockchain and gradually expand the offerings to other smart-contract-enabled blockchains at a later stage.

    The HoDooi ecosystem is configured to meet the requirement in an innovative, robust and user-friendly manner. It will include the following elements:
    ▪️Multi-Platform Capability
    ▪️System Architecture
    ▪️Account Module
    ▪️Multi-Chain Support
    ▪️NFT Specification
    ▪️Content Storage

    The HOD token plays a vital role in the core business model of HoDooi providing a fundamental backbone to the platform. The HOD token provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement, giving users the cheapest fees possible whilst being able to adopt the cryptocurrency for business activity.

    It’s worth to mentioning that Matt Luczynski, Co-Founder & CEO of HoDooi, co-founded (the world-leading crypto-friendly travel booking marketplace). HoDooi will expand by forming strong partnerships with platforms to promote its capability and further reach potential users. The main goal is to form partnerships with established companies, aiming to utilize their user base and introduce them to HoDooi.

    According to the roadmap, HoDooi is going to have a TGE & the Platform beta launch on Binance Smart Chain in Q2 2021. We are looking for more updates from the project and recommend to subscribe to HoDooi social channels not to miss important news.

    Telegram: @HoDooi


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