Altcoin News

. Apr,29,2021 .

  • NFTify will use the PolkaFoundry One-stop Production Hub for NFT and DeFi AppsWith PolkaFoundry’s UX-enabling and other user-friendly features, companies that deploy their stores using the NFTify service will be able to market, broadcast, and sell their own NFT designs.

  • ​​DUSD becomes the first Stablecoin Index launched on Binance Smart ChainDefiDollar DAO is building this on top of Nerve Finance (one of the leading stableswap AMM on BSC). DefiDollar protocol on BSC accrues the following: Trading fees — LP’s get trading fees from Nerve Finance, NRV — Nerve Finance’s LM token, Redemption fees — When converting DUSD to underlying assets.

  • ​​Bluzelle joins forces with Genesis ShardsBluzelle will be integrating decentralized data storage solutions into Genesis Shards’ ecosystem. Genesis Shards will be able to utilize the interoperable and scalable storage facility for NFTs off-chain. Bluzelle will also allow access to granular data stored by Genesis Shards’ users.


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