Altcoin News

. Apr,14,2021 .


  • ChainGuardians has unveiled ‘GUARDIAN PROGRAM’The program rewards early token holders for their trust, loyalty, and engagement during early development. As such, this is one of many campaigns planned to illustrate ChainGuardians commitment to a healthy ecosystem by prioritizing its supporters!

  • MOAR Finance has announced a FlashLaunch on TrustSwap on the 16th of April at 16:00 UTC!MOAR token will be used to vote on operational aspects of the lending platform including, but not limited to: borrow/deposit rates, which tokens to support, risk parameters of derivative composition, incentives to increase TVL. In addition, MOAR will also be used as an incentive to reward liquidity providers and provide discounted borrow costs and enhanced yield generation.

    Each FlashLaunch will have a set individual allocation of exactly $500 per person. There will be 265 allocations available in this FlashLaunch and 5 more reserved for Golden Ticket holders.

  • ​​Terra Virtua partners with CasperLabs to offer users verified authentication of physical asset they own or purchase using the Casper Network!CasperLabs is pushing the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through innovative NFT use cases in collaboration with Terra Virtua. Casper’s global footprint continues to grow and makes it a perfect partner for Terra Virtua which already has operations in the US, UK and Asia.

  • ​​Huobi Global to list Apron (APN) and launch Mining ProgramHuobi Inno Hub will list Apron (APN) under APN/USDT, APN/BTC, and APN/ETH trading pairs on April 21st, 7:00 AM UTC. Withdrawals to start on April 22nd, 2:00 AM UTC.


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