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Apr,12,2021 .

  • ​​Tidal Finance partners with Oasis Network!Through this partnership, Tidal Finance will provide decentralized asset insurance to lending protocols and DEXs that will be integrated into the Oasis Network in the coming months.

    Tidal will integrate its cross-chain insurance protocol into the Oasis Network bringing in a new class of privacy-enabled financial vehicles to the users. Additionally, Tidal will expand its claims process to include anonymous, democratized voting on claims processing with their community.

  • ​​Jigstack (STAK) to conduct an IDO on Lemonade on the 22nd of April!STAK — Jigstack’s governance token which governs an ecosystem of flagship DeFi protocols — will be launching on our next-Gen DeFi token Launchpad Lemonade.

    All holders of STAK will have voting rights on protocol developments such as new products, new features, new developers, and more! Token holders will receive the lion’s share of decentralized commissions from users that transact on our various products and platforms.

  • UniFarm has completed $2M Strategic Investment RoundThis fundraising was led by AU21 Capital, LD Capital, Rarestone Capital, Morningstar Ventures, NGC Capital, Alphabit, Moonwhale Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, PrivCode, Block Dream Fund, Acheron Capital, Zokyo Ventures, and more.

  • ​​Convergence Finance has partnered with Ellipti to enter the Korean market!Ellipti is a cross-border accelerator, building an ecosystem with solid founders and teams to navigate the market with excellence based on the right strategy and implementations in the Korean and APAC markets. The partnership is announced ahead of Convergence Finance’s testnet launch in early Q2 2021.

  • ColdStack has released an article to introduce CLS token utility!The token itself is a key part of the ColdStack ecosystem, allowing users to engage in the following activities:
    ▪️Pay for fees on the ColdStack platform -As more data is stored with ColdStack, the demand for the CLS token increases
    ▪️Sign-off on transactions – Verify and authenticate uploads and downloads in our system
    ▪️Use our NFT services – Use CLS tokens to mint NFTs on ColdStack
    ▪️Take part in DAO governance – CLS holders can vote on issues and share platform fees

  • ​​Apron’s decentralized services node network for Web 3.0 to Integrate with PolkaFoundry!Through the Apron integration, dApps on PolkaFoundry can access the rich world of Apron infrastructure services without the complex procedures and frictions that ruin the user experience, and limit the use of dApps!

    PolkaFoundry dApps will benefit from easy access to Apron’s many service APIs include NFT auctions and marketplaces, automated loan platforms, cross-chain DEXes, DeFi derivatives, decentralized insurance, and prediction markets.


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