Altcoin News

. Apr,07,2021 .

  • Polkamon is Going Cross-Chain by partnering with Elrond!By Q3 2021, Polkamon will be fully integrated into the Elrond blockchain. This will allow collectors to take advantage of Elrond’s superior UX when opening Boosters and minting NFTs, as well as its lower gas fees.

    The Elrond Unidragon will be available for one week from time of publication. The chance of opening this ultra-rare Polkamon is just 1 in 5000 or ~0,002%. In addition to this, all of the 10 horn variations with their specific rarities will be available. There will also be a 1% chance of receiving a glitter version.

  • Tidal Finance partners with HOPR to insure payment solutionsThrough this collaboration, Tidal will provide the HOPR network a whole new layer of platform security through asset insurance and insure payment solutions against

smart contract attacks.

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