Altcoin News

. Apr,2,2021 .

  • ​​Genesis Shards (GS) has announced the first-ever Gen Ticket NFT Whitelist!Genesis Shards is launching the GenShards Gen Tickets as the first-ever Gen Tickets on NFT platform! There will be different types of Gen Tickets and each ticket will have a different amount of GS token that can be swapped at the time of IDO (think of it as your whitelisted tokens but you can trade it for its value on the secondary market such as opensea)

  • UREEQA Partners with Social VR Platform NetVRk!UREEQA’s army of skilled Validators will work meticulously to authenticate every original VR NFT that NetVRk users register for verification, while the program’s sophisticated Protectors will keep fighting for those Creators by seeking out any unauthorized usage of digital art Validated by UREEQA.

    Those who utilize NetVRk’s exciting new VR tools and intuitive in-game editor to create compelling and unique virtual land will have the ability to take advantage of UREEQA’s Responsible Minting process to ensure that work is verified and secured as original.

  • ​​DAFI Protocol has announced partnership with DAO MakerThis collaboration will be important to the projects on DAO Maker as it solves two different but crucial issues relating to reward structures — Vaults and Incentive structures. By using DAFI’s synthetics, DAO Maker projects could reward long-term users better based on network demand, not just time-release vaults. Essentially, DAFI will push the decentralized space to migrate to a demand-tied inflation model, rather than depending on time as a factor.

  • ​​SOLANA ECOSYSTEM OVERVIEWSolana is known as an ultra-fast blockchain, censorship-resistant, supporting over 50,000 TPS without sharding. Even though the Solana project only went public about a year ago, the Solana ecosystem comes to the fore in the market, and we wanted our community to know about the largest projects that are already integrated into the Solana ecosystem. At the moment, the Solana ecosystem tracker has more than 120 different projects, from exchanges to blockchains and applications.


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