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. Apr,1,2021 .

  • ​​InsurAce (INSUR) has been listed in HuobiHuobi Inno Hub has listed InsurAce (INSUR) under INSUR/USDT, INSUR/BTC, and INSUR/ETH trading pairs on April 1st, 7:00 AM UTC. Withdrawals to start on April 2nd, 2:00 AM UTC. To celebrate this listing, Huobi and InsurAce will jointly offer two campaigns for users to share 59K of INSUR rewards.

  • ​​Insured Finance solution to be integrated within the Orion ProtocolThe Insured Finance solution allows digital asset holders to secure coverage that is unique to their portfolio. With this strategic partnership, the possibilities of the Insured Finance solution will be at the fingertips of Orion Protocol users.

  • ​​RAI Finance to be listed on Huobi & Bithumb!Huobi Inno Hub will list RAI on April 7th, and launch a staking activity on April 1st. Bithumb is going to run a pre-event to celebrate the listing of Rai Finance(RAI) on the KRW/BTC market. RAI will be distributed for the customers who trade digital asset listed on Bithumb. Daily total distribution amount: If 1,000,000 RAI is exhausted, distribution can be terminated prematurely.

  • ​​KuCoin to list VAIOT (VAI) & Curate (XCUR) on the 2nd of April!▪️XCUR to be listed under the XCUR/USDT and XCUR/BTC trading pairs on the 2nd of April at 8:00 AM UTC.
    ▪️VAI to be listed under the VAI/USDT trading pair on the 2nd of April at 10:00 AM UTC.

    Deposits for Curate (XCUR) & VAIOT (VAI) are now open!
    ​​Convergence liquidity mining program on Uniswap to launch on April 4th

    In the first phase, a total of 48,384,000 CONV will be distributed to the CONV/ETH and CONV/USDT liquidity providers in the Uniswap pools. This represents 12,096,000 CONV tokens that will be distributed per week as staking rewards along with 100–500% APY in rewards.

  • ​​Ankr to Boost Covalent’s Network For Optimal Multi-Chain Experience, Staking Rewards & more!Ankr will provide infrastructure services to Covalent, specifically helping to bootstrap its distributed network. Additionally, Ankr will leverage its experience to provide easy and affordable nodes to the Covalent community in order to further decentralize Covalent’s node infrastructure and enable developers to analyze Covalent on-chain data.

    Ankr will run its own Covalent validator node for its investors to safely stake their CQT tokens and earn staking rewards while contributing to strengthening the Covalent network.

  • Kalmar has introduced KALM Tokenomics and DistributionKALM is the governance token of Kalmar. The total supply of the KALM tokens is capped at 10M. 60% of the total supply is allocated for products Karmar is building, 15% for fundraising purposes and 25% for the Kalmar’s partners and team.

  • ​​Raze Network has unveiled RAZE Token Launch scheduleThe RAZE IDO whitelist on Bounce, Poolz, and DuckStarter will officially begin from April 12th to April 13th. 960K RAZE tokens will be allocated for IDO at the price of $0.25 per RAZE.

    The Balancer LBP will officially begin on April 13th, 3:00 PM UTC and will last for 72 hours. 3.84M RAZE tokens will be distributed through Balancer’s LBP. After the conclusion of Balancer LBP, Raze tokens will be listed on Uniswap in 2 hours.


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