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. Mar,31,2021 .

​​Ankr joins forces with Dusk to provide Infrastructure for Zero-knowledge Dapp Developers!

The collaboration between Ankr and Dusk Network will mutually benefit both parties by expanding each other’s reach and creating great exposure to the wider node running communities. Dusk Network will use Ankr’s solutions to host Block Generator and Provisioner nodes for DevNet, TestNet and MainNet purposes’, as well as provide one-click deployment infrastructure for the Dusk Community. Once the testent period ends, Ankr will start supporting the mainnet nodes.

  • ​​Fantom has announced Strategic Partnership with NEM!

NEM has partnered with Fantom Foundation to enable its ecosystem to participate more easily on DeFi with Symbol! Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Fantom’s aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability.

  • ​​The upcoming Kattana (KTN) public sale will be held via Polkastarter on the 9th of April!

Kattana is everything needed by a trader (and more), simple, easy-to-use tools that constitute a bigger picture, that symbolizes the exclusive value that Kattana is providing to this decentralized trading space. Both the funds raised and the quality of partners putting the trust in the project give Kattana a solid foundation on which to release the platform!

The details on the whitelisting process, the number of whitelisted addresses, maximum allocation, and minimum allocation to be announced shortly!

  • ​​NFT Ticketing project GET Protocol has burned 10 million GET (~$66m USD)!

~30% of the current total supply has been burned as a step towards the decentralization of the protocol! The GET DAO treasury is going to be governed by GET holders, who will get to decide on its expenses and purpose.

The end goal of the GET Protocol is to be a decentralised system providing open source tooling for anybody, be it artists, venues, promoters and aspiring ticketeers to build their own ticketing company using the protocol. It should be as easy to create a ticketing company as creating a website with WordPress for example.

  • ​​Polkamarkets partners with Elrond Network!

Polkamarkets and Elrond will team up to enable prediction markets and event resolution data to exist on Elrond’s robust network and blockchain ecosystem.

The integration and partnership unlocks many new verticals and opportunities in the spirit of interoperability. Cross-chain data such as price feeds for eGLD and other Elrond assets can be used to inform event resolution on Polkamarkets. Prediction markets on Elrond Network can be powered by their native token eGLD in the future.

  • ​​DAFI partners with DIA to integrate oracles from DIA into the protocol’s price feeds!

DAFI rewards networks based on their adoption, creating long-term users through synthetics. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity initially, to protect a token from hyperinflation. Longer-term users are later rewarded when network demand has grown. DIA will also explore the potential of synthetics for the oracle platform.

  • ​​Avalaunch has revealed its Tokenomics & Listing info!

Avalaunch is selling 33% of the total token supply, and will provide an additional 5% of the total token supply in liquidity at an opening price of 1 XAVA = $0.035 — the same as the private round — with the liquidity split between Uniswap and Pangolin at a ratio to be determined.
▪️Total Hard Cap: $944,625 USD
▪️Initial Market Cap: $181,913 USD

  • ​​BlockSwap raises $2.5 M to bring Sustainable Saving Markets to PoS chains

The round was led by NGC Ventures, Digital Finance Group, Wave Financial, Algorand EU Accelerator, ZeePrime Capital, 4th Revolution Capital, and more.

  • Kava Labs will officially incubate the Testnet and Mainnet of Frontier Chain

The Frontier Chain Mainnet will use the Cosmos-SDK and Kava will run nodes on the Frontier Chain as well as work with other 3rd parties such as validators and explorers. Kava will also advise heavily on the technical implementation of the Frontier Mainnet regarding FRONT, staking, and governance features. The Frontier Chain Testnet will go live on April 14th.

  • ​​KuCoin has unveiled three new listings!

Shopping (SPI), GSPI Shopping Governance (GSPI), and The Sandbox (SAND) deposits are now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs are SPI/USDT, GSPI/USDT, and SAND/USDT.


Polkamon (PMON) IDO will be live on Polkastarter today, on March 31st, 4:00 PM UTC. The initial price is 1 PMON = $0.35. The initial market cap is $630,000.

  • ​​STONE DeFi partners with Litentry to accelerate identity layer on Polkadot

  • ​​Raze Network partners with Kardiachain!

Raze Network has been expanding the security and privacy services and raising awareness for this movement, and at this stage, Raze Network feels strongly that the next step should be to create an ecosystem where the project standardizes the privacy protocol and express the opinions in a strong, unified voice to support this movement. Almost 130k KAI holders (and counting) will get access to trustless obfuscated transactions via Raze.

  • ​​UniCask announces a collaboration with Taraxa to leverage its Helio platform

With Helio’s platform, UniCask gives each cask a unique, tamper-proof identity and cryptographically guarantees the sensor data’s provenance and immutability, helping to assure owners that their casks are safe and secure.

  • ​​KIRA launches its Public Testnet

The Public Testnet launch will be followed by incentivized games, challenges and competitions that will enable participants to earn KEX rewards, Validator seats and attractive monthly stipends, which will be granted to every mainnet Validator!

  • ​​Ramifi Protocol (RAM) is now trading on Uniswap!

▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 RAM = $1.00 USD
▪️Current Token Price: 1 RAM = $6.09 USD
▪️Current ROI in USD: ~6.09x

  • ​​Stage One of Nsure Network’s Mainnet is now LIVE!

Participants have the opportunity to deposit ETH into the Capital Pool, under which the capital mining rewards will be distributed. Underwriter Module Release:
▪️Commencing Rebalancing Period on April 7th 8:00AM UTC
▪️Incentive rewards starting April 10th 8:00AM UTC

  • ​​Router Protocol has launched its Cross-chain Testnet

The testnet currently allows users to swap stablecoin assets between the testnets of Ethereum (Kovan), Polygon, BSC, and Huobi Eco chain. The next version of the protocol will allow the transfer of various token assets in addition to stablecoins.

  • ​​UniLend is now LIVE on the Ethereum mainnet with 2.15m UFT already staked!

1% of the staking rewards pool will be distributed to stakers every day! Moving forward UniLend will continue adding further functionality and more support pages to make the user experience more inviting. In addition, UniLend will continue to research new ingenious ways to make the DeFi protocol more accessible and open while further developing the flagship product.

  • ​​Delta Exchange сloses $5 M in DETO Private Fundraising Round

The Private Sale investors include Aave Ventures, Kyber Network, SinoGlobal Capital, Spartan Group, LuneX Ventures, CoinFund, QSN, G1 Ventures, Gumi Cryptos and BR Capital.

DETO token to be listed on Delta Exchange on March 31st, 12:00 PM UTC.

  • ​​The first IOI NFT car, Bronze Rhino, will go live on March 31st

The sale starts tomorrow at 2:00 PM UTC. Only one piece will be available to buy for 600 IOI.

  • ​​Avalaunch is joining Orion Protocol as Launchpad Liquidity Partner

Orion Launchpad Liquidity will help Avalaunch to streamline their launchpad process: enabling the fundraising, token distribution, and listing on the secondary market all on the Avalaunch platform.

  • ​​The upcoming Genesis Shards (GS) public sale will be held via Polkastarter DUAL IDO on ETH & BSC!

As the first-ever project to launch under this integration, Genesis Shards would not only get access to greater liquidity but also reach a wider range of audiences in the public distribution phase. IDO participants will be able to easily swap GS tokens between Ethereum and BSC.

The details on the whitelisting process, the number of whitelisted addresses, maximum allocation, and minimum allocation to be announced shortly!

  • ​​STONE DeFi (STN) is now trading on Huobi!

▪️Public Sale Token Price: 1 STN = $0.25 USD
▪️Current Token Price: 1 STN = $7.20 USD
▪️Current ROI in USD: ~28.8x

  • ​​Dvision Network is auctioning its first NFT character on OpenSea

The auction has already started today and will last for roughly one week!


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