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. Mar,30,2021 .

  • Cere Network raises $5 million to create decentralized data cloud platform!The investment was led by Republic Labs, the investment arm of crowdsourced funding platform Republic. Other investors include Woodstock Fund, JRR Capital, Ledger Prime, G1 Ventures, ZB exchange, and Gate exchange. Cere Network previously raised $5 million from Binance Labs and Arrington XRP Capital, amongst others, bringing its total raised to $10 million.

    The Cere token will be used to power its decentralized data cloud and fuel Cere’s open data marketplace that allows for trustless data-sharing among businesses and external data specialists, as well as staking and governance.

  • ​​STONE DeFi partners with Ankr and Stafi to introduce aETH and rDOT farming

  • Bluzelle is joining forces with Cere Network to strengthen DeFi data infrastructure to drive massive adoption!This partnership will witness Bluzelle integrating its data network into Cere’s  Enterprise Application Ecosystem to unleash the potential of DeFi.

    Under the purview of this partnership, Cere will welcome Bluzelle to the Saas-DeFi alliance, which is all set to establish a universal protocol standard for the enterprises.

  • Kattana successfully completes $1.3m funding round and is ready to launch its platform!Kattana has raised $1.3m USD in Private Sale from ZBS Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Black Edge Capital, Moonrock Capital, DFG & Ascensive Assets!

    Both the funds raised and the quality of partners putting the trust in the project give Kattana a solid foundation on which to release the platform!

  • ​​AIOZ Network has released an article on Token Metrics Explained!AIOZ Network will be launching the token on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain platforms to facilitate the issuance and liquidity of the AIOZ token at its embryonic stage! While the AIOZ token itself has a simple premise: to reward edge nodes for their works of distributing digital contents, storing media contents and performing computing tasks, this token will serve many more purposes within the AIOZ Network and the dApp that is currently live and that is deployed by the AIOZ Team and third-parties in the near future.

  • ​​Tidal Finance partners with PolkaFoundry to provide Decentralized Asset insurance!Through this collaboration, Tidal will provide PolkaFoundry a crucial security layer through asset insurance. Tidal’s mutual cover pools will ensure that any kind of hacks or malicious actors will not have a lasting impact on the platform.

    PolkaFoundry’s native tokens PKF will be added onto Tidal risk pools. The integration will help increase the efficiency of PolkaFoundry’s treasury funds, attract more capital from the Tidal liquidity pools, and help LPs earn higher yields.

  • Bithumb has announced Mile Verse (MVC) listing on KRW Market!From now on, the users may trade MVC under both MVC/BTC and MVC/KRW trading pairs. Along with the listing Mile Verse will be conducting an Airdrop events together with Bithumb!

  • Cash Tech has unveiled CATE Burning ProgramThe burn program will destroy 10% of the weekly USD cumulative trading volume in CATE tokens for a total of two weeks from April 4th to April 17th.

  • ​​GAINS has introduced its Strategic Investors!GAINS Assosiated has completed a Private Sale of $800,000 from the closest members and strongest supporters who have been with GAINS throughout these 3 years. Gains has also closed a small Strategic Sale of $240,000 from a few funds and influencers. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the public sale, launchpads, airdrops and more!


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