​​COTI has released its Roadmap

​​COTI has released its Roadmap for the first half of 2021

In 2021 much of Coti’s work will be translated into products that will be distributed to merchants’ basis and growing user base. The roadmap is divided into the following main themes:
▪️COTI Pay (everything related to consumer-oriented offering)
▪️COTI Pay Business (everything related to merchant-oriented products)
▪️Infrastructure (everything related to the Trustchain, Nodes, Staking, etc.)
▪️Licenses and regulation (licenses acquired by our group to grow operation)
▪️DeFi (a new line of activity that will include everything that COTI will code for the benefit of the DeFi space)

👉 cotinetwork.medium.com/cotis-roadmap-2021-s-first-half-ae8f2d8f08fe

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